Colossal Blue

Identity, Brand Launch, Social Media Campaign, Website, and Packaging.

Colossal Blue is a family-run crab cake delivery service based in Maryland. Started by a father with a famous recipe and continued by his children, the service is growing at an amazing rate. As competitors come and go, his now-famous Colossal crab cake continues to rack up awards and garner attention for its delicate kick and unquestionable respect for the crab meat’s natural flavor.

Colossal Blue came with a task of creating an entire platform to sell their famous crab cakes online. This needed to be separate from the family's existing restaurant. I developed a name, a mark, and a brand that would represent exactly what they felt. Something family-oriented, playful, bright, and as big as the crabs they use. All based around the mantra, "Crafted in our kitchen. Cooked in yours." It needed to feel like a gift from one family to another. The illustration style gave the brand an opportunity to create custom art that Colossal Blue could own. It would also give a distinct style that other competitors didn't have, helping them stand out in a market where rebranding is notoriously difficult.

The social media campaign helped them launch right past wary new customers and gain sales right out of the gate. Through prospecting and retargeting campaigns we established customers that would vouch for the product and spread the word. This, coupled with an appearance on the news, spiked sales and established Colossal Blue as a go-to place to order authentic Maryland-style crab cakes.