Order&Chaos Coffee is a coffee shop established by Planit's owners. It's attached to the office and is a daily stop for every worker. It was a labor of love. A long process going back and forth with the brand. After some time, us designers and owners settled on one we were very proud of. O&X then became a testing ground and, better, a playground for us designers. We used the shop as a way to test social media tactics, print ads, photography, and in store materials. 

The Caffiends were a very collaborative project. Initiated and brought to conclusion by a very small team of myself and two other designers. They sketched then I took each character, gave them a personality, and animated them. After, I set off on the task of getting them on to the iMessage app store and out for our customers to use. The project let us prove out the possibility of designing these packs. Presenting them to clients and expanding the capabilities of the agency.

Check it out.

Other materials created include the ceiling mural in the store, scoial media videos, and entries in our vector instagram series. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 8.42.34 AM.png